About us

The Specialized Leasing Company is a private shareholding company, founded by the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in 2006, with a capital of 30 million Jordanian dinars, fully paid by the Bank.

Our Vision

To establish the concept of financial leasing, develop suitable solutions and alternatives to meet the clients’ needs, and keep abreast of the developments in the financial and banking markets by providing innovative financial services of the highest quality.

Our Mission

To enhance the image of the Specialized Leasing Company as a pioneer in providing leasing solutions to the targeted business sectors.

Our Objectives

  • To offer high quality, innovative financial solutions that keep pace with the new developments in the financial and banking markets, in order to meet and satisfy the needs of clients.
  • To support the various economic activities and encourage the expansion and modernization processes.
  • To develop the concept of financing and offer various alternatives to it.

Our Services

Real Estate

The real estate sector is considered as one of the engines which drive the national economy, and needs innovative and unconventional…


The need for individuals to own their private vehicles is increasing continuously. Financial leasing is considered as one of the most…

Medical Equipment

Jordan is considered as one of the most advanced nations in the region in the medical field. Accordingly, medical bodies working in…

Machinery and Trucks

Financial leasing allows parties involved in the contracting and transport of goods sectors to obtain the necessary assets, instead of…

Industrial Machinery

The industrial sector is considered as one of the most sectors to benefit from financial leasing activities, since operated assets and…

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