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The increasing demand for individuals to own private cars, weather for transport purposes or as a mean of saving makes leasing the most appropriate source of funding available for individuals. This is due to the high flexibility in funding, repayments, and down payment. In addition the ability to get funding without guarantees.



Financing New and Used Cars

  • No fees for contract documentation at the involved governmental authorities
  • Competitive monthly installments
  • Approval provided without salary transfers or specific occupation requirements
  • Possibility of replacing the leased car with another one within special arrangements
  • High flexibility in setting monthly premiums with the possibility of reducing the monthly payment amounts by providing a balloon payment at the end of the leasing contract in the event of the lessee’s desire to continuously upgrade the car. In addition, the ability to adjust the monthly repayments to match the individual’s income
  • Possibility of incorporating comprehensive insurance, vehicle registration and maintenance fees


Companies use cars as a means of transportation for employees and goods. In some instances they are provided as benefits for some employees. Therefore, they are considered as assets of support and are not seen as essential for achieving and maximizing profit. With financial leasing, the companies can attain these assets while still maintaining the quality and sustainability of their financial statements and without having to worry about managing the running costs associated with cars such as registration, insurance and maintenance.



  • Initial down payments start from (0%) as a special feature for the business sector
  • Possibility of granting the client the option to buy the cars at the end of the leasing contract, thus, reducing the risk of possible asset depreciation
  • Possibility of achieving profits through the option to buy by selling the cars at higher prices than what the company has paid
  • Reflecting a positive company image by continuously acquiring upgraded cars. This can also benefit the marketing activity and reflect on the company’s employees
  • Ability to design the contract to match the operational life of the asset. Especially in the case of productivity vehicles and buses
  • Possibility of providing fleet management services including car replacement option
  • Repayments can be matched to the expected cash flow return of the asset. Especially in the case of income-generating cars such as rental cars

Required documents for financing New and Used cars

  • Copy of the identity card or valid passport
  • Recent salary certificate with the detailed salary breakdown
  • Bank account statement for the last 6 months
  • Proof of any additional income (If applicable)
  • Recent copy of the social security register (If applicable)
  • For new cars – Price offer from an authorized dealership
  • For used cars – Car value estimation and vehicle inspection report from accredited car appraisers

Note:- Accredited appraisers (Tirawi / Miani / Sharif)

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