What types of contracts are offered by the Specialized Leasing Company?

We offer two types of contracts: regular contracts and Sharia contracts.

What is the difference between regular and Sharia contracts?

A Sharia contract is one that is based on a Fatwa obtained from the General Iftaa’ Department. To view the Fatwa please click here.
There are also many other differences, such as the good-faith deposit, no late payment fees, …and so on.

Do you offer personal loans?


How is finance leasing different from bank financing?

  • The Guarantees: only the leased asset is considered as collateral, there are no additional guarantees.
  • Financing can reach up to 100%.
  • Installments: fixed.
  • Flexible installments in line with the customer’s income. Installments can be monthly, quarterly, or one payment at the end of the period.
  • Tax benefits (sales tax): payable with the lease installment..
  • It is possible to finance licensing, insurance and maintenance expenses within the lease installment.
  • Exemptions granted to housing companies are maintained.

Is a down payment required to finance apartments and cars?

Financing can reach up to 100%, and depends on the customer’s credit rating.

What is the maximum financing period for apartments and cars?

  • 25 years for apartments.
  • 5 years for cars.

What is the maximum age permitted for customers?

The customer must not exceed 70 years old at the end of the contract.

Can non-Jordanians be financed?

Yes, non-Jordanians may be financed, provided that an ownership permit is obtained from the relevant authorities.

Can expatriates be financed (non-residents)?


What is the percentage of debt of ratio (DBR) permitted with you?

The monthly installment should not exceed 50% of a customer’s proven income.

Can the household income as a whole be taken into consideration?


What are the lease rates adopted for apartments and cars?

The lease rate shall differ depending on the type of asset being leased. You can calculate monthly installments by visiting the following link: slcjo.com/lease-calculator

Is there a grace period?

Yes, a grace period may be granted.

Are early payments permitted?


What is the mechanism for payment?

Monthly installments through bank checks, or periodic transfers from the customer’s bank account, or direct payment through the eFAWATEERcom system.

Does the customer have to pay any fees or commissions?

  • A stamp fee equivalent to 0.003 of the contract value is payable to the Central Bank.
  • There are no other fees or commissions.

How much time will it take to respond to my application?

From 1 to 3 days, depending on the type of service being requested.

Can I finance a used car?

Yes, and this depends on the type and the age of the car.

Can I finance more than one contract with you?

Yes, and this shall depend on the customer’s credit rating.

Do I have to be present at official departments when registering the leased asset?

The customer does not have to be present at official departments when the leased asset is registered. Our representative shall complete the leasehold documentation transaction on behalf of our lessee customer.

What should I do when the contract ends?

Our customer shall be contacted by his account manager to coordinate the procedures for assigning the leased asset in the name of the customer.

What are the documents required to submit a leasing application?

To obtain information on all of the required documents, conditions and details please visit the following links:
Real estate
Medical Equipment
Machinery and Trucks
Industrial Machinery

Is my presence at the company necessary to submit a leasing application?

– You may submit your application electronically through our website by clicking here;
– or through the company’s Mobile Application (SLC Mobile);
– or by calling us during official working hours from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM on the following numbers, and you shall be answered by one of our specialist employees:

  • Amman: +962 6 55 21 230
  • Irbid: +962 2 72 50 308
  • Aqaba: +962 3 20 33 428

How can I get updates on the services you provide?

By vising our website, or our pages on Social Media, or by downloading the company’s Mobile Application (SLC Mobile).

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