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What is Leasing?

The Concept of Financial Leasing:

  • A contractual agreement between the Company (the Lessor) and the Client (the Lessee).
  • The Client (the Lessor) may use the asset during a specified period of time.
  • The Client (the Lessor) shall pay periodic installments, to be agreed upon in advance.
  • The asset shall be registered in the name of the Company (the Lessor) throughout the term of the contract.

Parties involved in the Financial Leasing:

  • The lessor: The Financial Leasing Company.
  • The lessee: The client.
  • The leased asset: The fixed asset, subject of the contract.
  • The supplier: The party the lessee chooses to buy the leased asset from.
  • The Leasing Period: The period during which the lessee shall pay the installments, from the first to last installment.
  • The Leasing Rate: The leasing rate based on which the installments shall be determined.
  • The expenses: The expenses related to the contract that shall be part of the installments.

The Financial Leasing Law:

  • The Financial Leasing Law No. 45 for the year 2008 shall regulate the relationship between the parties of the financial leasing contract.
  • The leased asset shall remain the property of the Lessor throughout the duration of the leasing contract.
  • If the Lessee has benefits or exemptions from customs duties or sales tax, such benefits shall be transferred to the Lessor when establishing the financial leasing contract.

The Benefits of Financial Leasing:

  • An alternative financing tool that suits the clients who do not wish to opt for the traditional financing tools.
  • Financing capability of up to 100%.
  • Fixed assets financing.
  • The leased asset and the economic feasibility study serve as basic guarantees for financing.
  • Encouraging the continuous updating of assets to keep pace with technological developments.
  • Lease terms correspond to the productive life of the leased asset.
  • Lease installments proportional to the cash flows anticipated from the leased asset.
  • Flexible installments proportional to the income and fixed yield.
  • The possibility of reducing the installments and settling the difference from the end-of-term payment.
  • The possibility of financing the operational expenses, such as (licensing, registration, insurance, maintenance and replacement car) as part of the lease installments, reducing the financial burden on the client (the lessee) that include following up and paying the expenses associated with the asset, such as maintenance, insurance and other expenses, by adding them in the form of a fixed amount to the lease installment.
  • No mortgage fees or any additional commissions.
  • No salary transfer needed.
  • Tax benefits.

Beneficiaries of Financial Leasing:

  • Individuals sector.
  • Contracting sector.
  • Transportation sector.
  • Education sector.
  • Industrial sector.
  • Medical and health sector.
  • Tourism sector.
  • Telecommunications sector and other service sectors.

Our Services:

For individuals’ sector:

  • Real estate Leasing: Apartments, offices, clinics, and lands.
  • Transport Leasing: Cars and buses.
  • Medical Equipment Leasing.
  • Machinery and Trucks Leasing.

For Corporate sector:

  • Real estate Leasing: Residential projects, commercial complexes and lands.
  • Transport Leasing: Car and bus fleets.
  • Medical Equipment Leasing.
  • Machinery and Trucks Leasing.
  • Industrial Machinery leasing.