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الآلة الحاسبة طلب تأجير تمويلي آرائكم أدوات المساعدة


Professionalism and mastery in the completion of work with the Specialized Leasing company contributed to the creation of complete comfort for us to cooperate with the company, we thank all the wonderful team.
Thank you Specialized Leasing Company.

Mohammad Al-Oqdah
Jordina - The Saudi Jordanian Industrial Development

We are so proud of our partnership with The Specialized Leasing Company and thanks to its professional staff.
Thank you Specialized Leasing Company.

Eng. Khaled Al Zoubi
Jo petrol - Jordan Petroleum Products Marketing Company

The Specialized Leasing company and its professional team deserve thanks and appreciation for the unique services, and for providing advice with all honesty.
Thank you Specialized Leasing Company.

Badr Al-Din Al-Safadi
Feras Printing Press

Our branch No. (5) is finally opened in Jordan. And with the big support from the Specialized Leasing company, we hope to continue to proceed with more success in the future.
Thank you Specialized Leasing Company.

Dr. Ehsan Hamarneh
Medray Centers

We thank the Specialized Leasing company for its active role in the success and spread of Al Saudi Real Estate Development.
Our partnership has been going on since 2006 and will continue.
Thank you Specialized Leasing Company.

Eng. Mahmoud Saudi
Al Saudi Real Estate Development Co.

Specialized Leasing is a company name that expresses itself with high professionalism. We have been with you since the beginning, and we will continue to, in aim for further progress and success.
Thank you Specialized Leasing Company.

Eng. Najati Al-Shakhshir
Hertz Car Rental